The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen - Rajasthan A To Z offers the information about the luxury train fairy queen, rajasthan fairy queen and also provides fairy queen tour of rajasthan.
The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy QueenRajasthan A to Z
The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy Queen
Relish the lifestyles of the kings of yore on board the fairy queen, while listening to the silent tales of glory and valor told by the majestic forts and splendid palaces of Rajasthan.

The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy QueenThe Fairy Queen,Luxury Train Travel by Fairy Queen

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The Fairy Queen

The Route: Delhi-Alwar-Delhi
Class: Luxurious
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The Majestic Train of IndiaInside the Royal Train - Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen is one of very few luxurious trains of India, rolling though the royal land of Rajasthan, India. It was the year 1855, when the majestic Fairy Queen rolled its wheels out for the East Indian Railway. The Fairy Queen stopped its service in the year 1908. Probably the oldest working engine in the world, the Fairy Queen started rolling again from 1st February 1997 from Delhi, after over 142 years of long rest. Today, this royal beauty runs between Delhi, the capital city of India and Alwar in Rajasthan.

The Fairy Queen has found a respectable place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Also a National Tourism Award winner, this prestigious pristine beauty graces the National Rail Museum, New Delhi.

Facilities Served
Journey in the fairy Queen is once-in-a lifetime experience. Indian Railways proudly offer a unique two days all inclusive package by combining thrill, romance, wildlife and steam heritage on the Fairy Queen.

Arrival & Departure
The Fairy QueenThe Fairy Queen starts its journey from the Delhi Cantonment railway station in Delhi. The train runs twice a month. If you really want to experience the splendour, then be sure to make your bookings well in advance, as it is limited 60 seater train. Please get well informed about the departure date of the train from Delhi. The two day journey takes you to Alwar in Rajasthan, from where you are taken to the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. On board, you treated in a royal way with all the required facilities needed by you at any time. After the return from the sanctuary, the train is back to Delhi.

The Sights to Visit
The Sariska Tiger Reserve
The Fairy Queen with the privileged ones reaches the picturesque town of Alwar in Rajasthan, from where the guests are taken to Sariska Tiger Reserve for an overnight stay. This is one prestigious tiger reserve of Rajasthan with huge stock of wildlife apart from the tiger, the main attraction of the park.

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