Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India
Shekhawati Tourism - Rajasthan A to Z offers the information about the tourism in shekhawati, tour of shekhawati tourism and also provides tour packages for shekhawati.
Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India
Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in IndiaRajasthan A to Z
Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India
Tourism in Shekhawati, the amazing hideouts with impressive ambience to make you holidays more entertaining.

Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India
Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India Shekhawati Tourism,Shekhawati India Toursim,Shekhawati Tourism in India

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Shekhawati Tourism

The Open Air Art Gallery - Shekhawati
Shekhawati in Rajasthan is a semi desert region with colorful fantasy, uniquely of its own. Shekhawati is located in North West Rajasthan and 185 Km away from Jaipur and 230 Km from Bikaner. Shekhawati is known for its plethora of painted havelis.

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Murals in ShekhawatiShekhawati or the land of Shekhs clan derives its name from Rao Shekha (1433 A.D.-1488 A.D.) a section of the Kachhwaha family of Jaipur. Initially the region had a blank monochromatic look but with consecutive historical and social development Shekhawati has emerged as a colorful profusion of art and life for almost 2 centuries from 1750 AD to 1930 AD.

Popularly known as the open air art gallery, Shekhawati is famous for its plethora of painted havelis, all commendable pieces of the rich artistic traditional of this region. Shekhawati's magnificent havelis or mansions were built by rich merchants of the region. These havelis and mentions display a unique architectural style that evolved around the courtyards to ensure safety and privacy of the women folk and protection from the heat of the long and harsh summers.

The Most Popular Sights to Visit in Shekhawati
The capital of Shekhawati, it is of the largest towns of the district. The town was founded by the Kayamkhani nawabs in the mid 15th century AD and remained under their control until it was taken over by the Rajput ruler Sardul Singh in 1730 AD. The district town has some splendidly painted havelis. Lachhmangarh Fort

Lachhmangarh Fort
One of the most imposing forts in the Shekhawati region, Lachhmangarh commands a bird's eye view of the town modeled to resemble the city plan of Jaipur. Founded in the early 19th century by Raja Lachhman Singh of Sikar, the town has some lovely havelis.

Founded in the 18th century, this medieval fort dominates the town with a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. The Chokhani and Ladia havelis and the street with Saraf havelis are some of the splendid examples of this region's havelis. A Shiva temple with a rock crystal lingam is also worth a visit. The fort is now converted into a heritage hotel.

Founded in the 18th century it has the finest of Shekhawati's frescoes. It's two old forts and palace hotel with garden and fountains along with a host of temples known for their architecture and frescoes add interest to the town. The prominent havelis are of the Poddars, Bhagats and Dangaichs.

Alsisar and MalsisarAn old gate of Shekhawati
Founded in the late and mid 18th centuries respectively, these towns lie at the northern edge of Shekhawati.The angular style of frescoes in various colours makes the trip to these towns a memorable one. Beside the fort in Alsisar, the Jhunjhunuwala havelis and a well complex are other interesting structures. The fort, temples and havelis along the main street are also worth a visit.

Shopping experience in Shekhawati
Shekhawati provides an amazing collection of art and paintings to buy. Shekhawati is mostly famous for its excellent handicrafts. Paintings, especially frescos on paper and cloth are truly amazing. You may also purchase some excellent furniture like carved and decorated chairs, cradles, low tables, stools, etc from Shekhawati. Shops in Shekhawati also include textiles, tie-dye fabrics, brass and iron scissors, metal utensils, bangles, etc.

Traveling to Shekhawati - Made Easy
Shekhawati is very close to Delhi, the capital city of India. There is knowing availability of flights or trains to Shekhawati. One can reach Shekhawati from Delhi through Jhujjhunu via Rewari and Chirawa. Jhunjhunu is about 250 km away from Delhi. Another route passes via Rohtak and Bhiwani.

You can also go via Jaipur-Jhunjhunu and then to Shekhawati. Jaipur is about 185 km from Jhunjhunu. Coming from Bikaner, Jhunjhunu is at a distance of 230 km from Bikaner. If you are new to the place, then book a travel agent, who will help you through out the tour to Shekhawati in Rajasthan.

How to Approach Shekhawati
By Air : Shekhawati doesn't have its own airport. The nearest airport to Shekhawati is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur (184 km / 3 ½ hr) which is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

By Rail : The towns of Sikar and Jhunjhunu are connected by rail with Jaipur, Delhi and Bikaner. The Shekhawati Express runs daily between Delhi and Jaipur stopping at Jhunjhunu, Mukundgarh and Sikar.

By Road : Traveling through the Shekhawati region is best done by car. Regular bus services link most of the towns with Sikar and Jaipur.

Distance from other parts of Rajasthan
You can easily pick a state transport bus or vehicles plied by the travel agents to reach Shekhawati.
Jaipur, 185 km
Bikaner, 230 km
Delhi, 275 km
Agra, 255 km

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