Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide
Rajasthan Shopping - Rajasthan A to Z offers the information about the shopping in rajasthan, shopping complex in rajasthan and famous shopping complex in rajasthan.
Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide
Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping GuideRajasthan A to Z
Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide
Rajasthan is world famous for its handloom clothes and handicraft. Rajasthan offers a delightful shopping experience to all visitors.

Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide
Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide Rajasthan Shopping,Rajasthan Places of Shopping,Rajasthan Shopping Guide

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Rajasthan Shopping

Shopper's Destination - Rajasthan
Rajasthan is also called the Shopper's destination. Rajasthan in India, a magical stopover echoing with primal culture and customs, enfolds in its lap a vibrant potpourri of breathtaking and fascinating art-de-facts.
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A Saree shop in RajasthanThe range of items is matchless even while it is seasoned in its simplicity. Rajasthan Shopping has something for almost every single traveler, exhibiting a wide range of arts and crafts.

Rajasthan is an ideal travel destination to shop items like handicrafts, jewelry, textile, miniature paintings etc. The shops (marketplaces) in Rajasthan overflows with products and there is a superb glitter of colours all around. Brilliant work carved on handicrafts or the splendour of gems and jewels, shopping in Rajasthan offers it all and even more. The colours bloom and dance on the textiles and fabrics with silver or gold threads ornamenting. These are complimented with the variety of Silk-threads, Beads, Gota, Zari, Zardosi, Banarasi, etc. designed by the age old families of expert artisans.

Shopping in Rajasthan will satisfy you completely. And believe me, you will not find them elsewhere.

Some of the exquisite things you can purchase here are :
Rajasthan's each corner has its own unique style that comes with the age-old traditions. Be it the kingly and classic forms of jewelry adorned by the Royals, Aristocrats and Nobles done in real Gold, Platinum with precious stones embedded to lend glamour or the rural who prefer the reasonable, chunky Silver or the cheap metal with coloured glass cuts to give it an effect.

Stone Carving
Rajasthan is famous for stone carvings. Be it white marble, pink Dholpur, green Kota, white and grey soapstone, almost all types of exquisite stones are used to make an elegant statuary, figurines, idols, carved panels, elaborate jharokhas for gardens and pavilions. Handicraft Items Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for tie & dye (bandhni) prints and block prints on textiles. The textile of Rajasthan is truly exceptional. It has an amazing range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Each region has its own special colour-scheme, design and technique.

Rajasthan is also very renown for leather work and leather goods. The hides of dead animals is used by skilled cobblers for Jooties (foot-wear), chairs, musical instruments, mojaries, etc. The Jooties of Rajasthan reflects the unique style of every region they belong to.

Miniature Art, Phads & Pichwais, Folk Painting and more, Rajasthan has varied class of paintings, unique in itself. This is one item which you will buy, without giving a second thought.

Blue Pottery
An exquisite art form, exported from Persia under the patronage of Maharaja Ram Singhji. Blue Pottery was first introduced in Rajasthan. This new art form with an outstanding recipe of distinguished material like the ground quartz stone is one best buy item in Rajasthan shopping. The colour schemes are also brilliant like, blue (oxide of cobalt), Green (oxide of copper) and the external white.

Metal Craft
Rajasthan represents some of the finest metal work of India. In Rajasthan the metal works are done using enamelled silver that is used for almost all things, from pill-boxes to figurines.

A spice shop in RajasthanDurries and Carpets
Durries are simple rugs, once used as an underlay, has now become one of the state's best known weaving traditions. Shopping in Rajasthan offers some beautifully carved and excellently woven durries and carpets with exquisite designs.

Wooden Artifacts
You can also buy some wooden items, which are exclusively made in Rajasthan. Wooden items -sometimes plain often painted - is used to make everything from furniture to artifacts.

Terracoat is an endemic craft of Rajasthan. Terracota - saw dust, mashed and mixed finely with mud and clay in a semi solid paste on which the image is sculpted and later dried and polished in colour retaining its natural mud hue. Terracota make best of decorative items with authentic ethnicity. You can purchase few of them to give your home an extraordinary look.

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