Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History
Rajasthan History - Rajasthan A To Z offers the information about history of rajasthan, tour of rajasthan history and also provides tour packages for history tour of rajasthan.
Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History
Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture HistoryRajasthan A to Z
Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History
Travel to the opulent land of Maharajas - Rajasthan in India. Tour to the extreme points of Rajasthan and taste the invincible forts, imposing places, intriguing wildlife, impressive surroundings, indulging festivals, inspiring history and lots more to fit into this place.

Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History
Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History Rajasthan History,Rajasthan India History,Rajasthan Culture History

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Rajasthan History

The Past and the Present of Rajasthan
The Ancient Period - 4000 BC - 2500 BC
Traces of ancient civilization - the Indus Valley civilization is found in the history of Rajasthan India. The ancient civilization is found at its height, with ruins and remains found mainly in the North West parts of Rajasthan, India.

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Rajasthani localAncient Period - Before 1200 AD
The Rajput clans appeared at this period and started controlling the different parts of Rajasthan from about 700 AD. Before that, Rajasthan was a part of several republics. It was a part of the Mauryan Empire. Other major republics that dominated this region include the Malavas, Arjunyas, Yaudhyas, Kushans, Saka Satraps, Guptas and Hunas.

The Rajput clans supremacy in the Indian history was between the 8th to the 12th century AD. The Pratihars ruled Rajasthan and most of northern India during 750-1000 AD. Between 1000-1200 AD, Rajasthan observed the struggle for supremacy between Chalukyas, Parmars and Chauhans.

Medieval Period - Between 1201 AD - 1707 AD
By 1200 AD a part of Rajasthan, India came under the control of Muslim rulers. The main centers of their powers were Nagaur and Ajmer. Ranthambhor was also under their throne. At the beginning of the 13th century AD, the most raised and powerful state of Rajasthan was Mewar. An old Rajasthan Street

Modern Period - Between 1707 AD - 1947 AD
Rajasthan had never been united politically until its control by Mughal Emperor - Akbar. Akbar created a unified province of Rajasthan. But after 1707, Mughal power started to declining. The political breakdown of Rajasthan was caused by the seperation of the Mughal Empire. The Marathas conquered Rajasthan upon the decline of the Mughal Empire. In 1755 they occupied Ajmer. The beginning of the 19th Century was marked by the invasion of the Pindaris.

In 1817-18 the British Government concluded treaties of alliance with almost all the states of Rajputana. And henceforth, the British rule began over Rajasthan, then called Rajputana.

Post Independence Rajasthan
The erstwhile Rajputana comprised 19 princely states and two chiefships of Lava and Kushalgarh and a British administered territory of Ajmer-Merwara. Rajasthan State was heterogeneous conglomeration of separate political entities with different administrative systems prevailing in different places. The present State of Rajasthan was formed after a long process of integration which began on March 17, 1948 and ended on November 1, 1956. Before integration it was called Rajputana; after integration it came to be known as Rajasthan.

A Heritage Hotel in RajasthanPresent Rajasthan
At present there are 32 districts (including the new district of Karauli), 105 sub-divisions, 241 tehsils, 37889 inhabited villages and 222 towns in the State.

Rajasthan - one most vibrant state of India, is also the must visit destination of India, for the tourists in India. Today, Rajasthan has developed as one of the most well developed states of India. The State now figures in the zone of consideration for major corporate houses. Rajasthan has numerous small, medium and large scale industries of Machine Tools & Parts, Agro. Food & Allied Products, Electronics & Related Products, Electrical & Allied Products, Textile, Cement & Cement Products, Chemical Gases, Lubricants & Plastics, Metal & Allied Products, Automobiles & Parts, Ceramics and Glasswares, Drugs & Pharmaceutical, Minerals, Stones, Lime & Products, Leather/Footwear, Heavy Machinery/Structural Industries and many other miscellaneous industries.

Over the years Rajasthan has succeeded in creating a positive, investor-friendly environment through various policies and has come forth as one of the preferred destinations for big industrial houses of the country, as also for many distinguished multinational companies.

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