Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan Food
Rajasthan Cuisine - Rajasthan A To Z offers the information about cuisine of rajasthan, mouthwatering rajasthani cuisine and also provides recipe of rajasthan cuisine.
Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan Food
Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan FoodRajasthan A to Z
Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan Food
Explore the vibrant and exotic state of Rajasthan. Travel to Rajasthan cities & villages, Rajasthan cuisine, Rajasthan wildlife, Rajasthan pilgrimages, Rajasthan heritage sites, and much more. Travel to Rajasthan will always add some more spices to your India tour for it houses some of the most captivating sites of India.

Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan Food
Rajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan FoodRajasthan Cuisine,Rajasthani Cuisine,Rajasthan Food

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Rajasthan Cuisine

The Mouthwatering Menu of Rajasthan
Each region in India has its own traditional recipes and goodies. In most of India kitchens, food is a very serious business and raised to the level of an art - form. Rajasthani dishes were influenced by the war -like lifestyle of its people and the availability of ingrediants in this desert land.

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A tipical Rajasthani thaliFood that could be stored for several days and could be consumed without heating was preferred. Shortage of water, fresh green vegetables had effected the formula of cooking in Rajasthan. In the desert belt of Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner, the meals are made with the use of milk, buttermilk and clarified butter or minimum water instead of water used in most of the Indian cooking.

Food is usually cooked over a wood or charcoal fire in the remote areas but the people of the urban area use LPGs, Hot Plates, Microwaves, Heater, etc. for cooking. The utensils of clay, brass or copper are generally used.

Some Mouthwatering Delicacies of Rajasthan are :
Ker-Sangri on Bajara Roti
Dried lentils, beans from indegenous plants like sangri, ker, etc are liberally used. Gram flour is a major ingrediant here Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churmaand is used to make some of the delicacies like khata, gatta ki sabzi, pakodi, powdered lentils are used for mangodi, papad. The daily food in Rajasthan typically comprises unleavened bread, made of wheat, barley, millet or maize.

Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma
Daily food mainly comprises of dal-bati (cooked lentils and roasted balls of dough), accompanied by a variety of dried or pickled berries cooked in different ways.

The chapatti is a flat, unleavened bread. It complements both the texture and flavor of the food it scoops up, absorbing runny sauces, balancing strong flavors and smoothness.

Frying Puris
Puris are delicious, fried wheat bubbles which have varied uses; as snacks, scoops for food and as a complement to hot spices.

Khud khargosh
Khud Khasrgosh (Hare or rabbit meat cooked in a pit) is a Rajput specialty during summer, when the hare is lean. The hare is skinned and stuffed with spices, wrapped in dough and finally in layers of mud-soaked cloth. The ambrosial result is meat perfectly blended with the spices and dough.
Ker-Sangri on Bajara Roti
Natural yogurt is churned to remove the butter content for the making of Lassi or buttermilk a cooling summer beverage.

Sula - Tender Morsels of Meat
In Rajput cuisine, sula refer to tender morsels of meat, the most prized being wild boar spare ribs(bhanslas), marinated in a mixture of dry yogurt, browned onions, garlic, ginger, coriander, red chilli, and kachri, a small pod which tenderizes meat and lends a particular sharp-sour flavour to many dishes. The marinated meat is smoked, spitted on skewers, and grilled over hot coals. Sulas are made of chicken, pheasant, mutton, or fish.

A soup of legumes flavored with red chili peppers, yogurt or milk and sometimes a vegetable such as okra, jackfruit, eggplant, mustard or fenugreek leaf.

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