Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in India
Ajmer Tourism - Rajasthan A to Z offers the information about the tourism in ajmer, tour of ajmer tourism and also provides tour packages for ajmer.
Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in India
Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in IndiaRajasthan A to Z
Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in India
Travel ajmer tourism india to explore the most ancient and revered dargah and Know the entire gamut of Ajmer India.

Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in India
Ajmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in IndiaAjmer Tourism,Ajmer India Toursim,Ajmer Tourism in India

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Ajmer Tourism

The land of synthesized culture - Ajmer
Ajmer - the land of synthesized culture is one of the most preferred travel destinations of Rajasthan, India. Ajmer fixed in the green oasis draped in the barren hills has been a spectator to an interesting past.
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Ajmer e Sharif, AjmerAjmer, founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in 7th Century A.D was an enduring center of the Chauhan power till 1193 A.D. Ajmer was captured by many dynasties, which came and left leaving behind unforgettable marks of their culture and custom. Today, Ajmer is a renowned pilgrimage center for both Hindus and Muslims. The famous Dargah Sharif-tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti located at Ajmer is equally revered by the Hindus and Muslims.

The Most Popular Sights to Visit in Ajmer
The Dargah
At the foot of a dry and deserted hill, is situated India's one of most visited pilgrimage center for people from all walks of life. It is the spectacular tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti more commonly known as Khwaja Saheb or Khwaja Sharif. The elevated shrine is next only to Mecca or Medina for the Muslims of south Asia.
Dargah in Ajmer, Rajasthan
The shrine of the Sufi Saint attracts thousands of devout during the Urs- commemorating, the death anniversary of the Saint, held from the 1st to 6th day of the Islamic month of Rajab. A colorful fair that takes place at this time is the prime attraction of this place.

Shahjhan’s Mosque : In one corner of the inner court of the Dargah, is a marvelous building in white marble with a long (30.5m) and narrow court having low porches and intricate carvings with trellis-work. It is the most beautiful of all the sanctums within the sanctuary of the

Taragarh Fort : A steep one and a half hour climb going further beyond the Adhai-din-ka-jhopra leads to the ruins of the Taragarh Fort, settled on a hill. One can have an awesome view of the city from here. The Taragarh Fort was the sight of the military activity during the Mughal period, later used as a sanatorium by the British.

Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra : A noticeable structure, Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra is a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture located at the outlying lands of the city, just beyond the Dargah. As the legend says, its construction took two and a half days (Adhai-Din) to complete. It was basically a Sanskrit college, built within a temple. In 1193 A.D. Mohamed Ghauri overpowered Ajmer and converted the building into a mosque by adding a seven arched wall in front of the pillared hall in just two-and-half days (adhai-din) and hence the name. The unique pillars and arched screen with its ruined minarets make it an amazing architectural masterpiece.

Pushkar : Ajmer is also the base for visiting Pushkar just 11 km. from Ajmer. Pushkar is the abode of Lord Brahma, settled to its west with a temple and a picturesque lake. The Pushkar Lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. During the month of Kartik (Oct/Nov), devotes throng in large numbers here to take a dip in the sacred lake at the time of Pushkar Fair.

Shopping Experience in Ajmer
Shopping in Ajmer is an enjoyable experience. One can shop for antiques, curios, fascinating gold and silver jewelry in contemporary designs, colorful tie-and-dye sarees and embroidered Jodhpuri 'Jutis'. Especially during the annual Urs fair, a range of colorful items and marvelous creations of traditional folk aristsans are for sale.

Traveling to Ajmer - Made Easy
Ajmer in Rajasthan is your next traveling fascination and yes, if you have started planning how to move about without any discomfort, then pack you trip to Ajmer with more itineraries and full of activities. Whether you are a migrant or a native, it would be best to start you trip from Delhi, the capital city of India, full of historical and modern wonders. This will make you trip more easy and relaxing. Starting from Delhi either you select your tour to Ajmer, Rajasthan through Agra, the city of Taj, Jaipur, the Pink City or even Alwar the Gateway to Rajasthan.Gateway to the Dargah of Khwaja Mu'inuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Rajasthan

New Delhi-Ajmer-New Delhi route
If you are planning to go straight to Ajmer from Delhi, then you can board the Shatabdi Express operated by the Indian Railways, between New Delhi & Ajmer in the New Delhi-Ajmer-New Delhi route.

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Ajmer route
Planned to visit Agra - the city of Taj first. Don't be worried, if you really want to visit the land of composite culture - Ajmer, then you can pick the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Ajmer route. You can board either a flight or train or even vehicle from Delhi to reach Agra, through Jaipur and then Ajmer. Agra is 385 km from Ajmer. In between you can halt in Jaipur, the pink city, which is 132 km from Ajmer; also the closest airport from Ajmer is located here. You can either pick a Rajasthan Tourism bus or other vehicle operated by travel agents from Jaipur to Ajmer. The Indian railway also runs trains between Jaipur and Ajmer to make your travel to Rajasthan, the cheapest one. Trip to Ajmer through Jaipur will add more colors to your tour to Rajasthan India.

Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur-Ajmer route
But, if you have decided to visit only Rajasthan, you can take the route through Alwar, - Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur-Ajmer route. Alwar, the gateway to Rajasthan, is just 163 km from Delhi, Ajmer can be reached by trains or buses or other vehicles from Alwar. Alwar is one place in Rajasthan, which is close to many world renowned wildlife sanctuaries. In between you can halt in Jaipur to refresh yourself in the pink surroundings of the pink city.

Distance from Other Parts of Rajasthan
You can easily pick a state transport bus or vehicles plied by the travel agents to reach Ajmer.
¤ Bikaner 277km
¤ Jodhpur 198km
¤ Jaisalmer 490km
¤ Bundi 142km
¤ Udaipur 303 km
¤ Chittor 195km

How to Approach Ajmer
By Air : Jaipur 132 km is the nearest airport.

By Rail : Regular train services link Ajmer with important cities. Some important train connections are: Gujarat Mail (Mumbai-Ajmer-Delhi Sarai Rohilla); Jodhpur Mail (Marwar-Ajmer-Jaipur): Express (Ahmedabad-Ajmer-Jaipur); Shatabadi Express (New Delhi-Ajmer-New Delhi).

By Road : A good network of bus services operates from Ajmer to key destinations around.

Local Transportation in Ajmer : City bus service operates in the city and to Pushkar. Unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws, Tongas, and cycle-rickshaws are also available.

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